“Framed Earth” by Pierre Lafanéchère, Dylan Cote

  • ©, Pierre Lafanéchère and Dylan Cote, Framed Earth


    Framed Earth

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Artist Statement:

    Arts numériques Fest Exhibition. Théâtre-Sénart, May 2 – June 3

    Dylan Cote & Pierre Lafanéchère are ISEA2023 selected artists

    Framed Earth is part of a series of artistic works around the world generated by Google Earth, produced by Dylan Cote with Pierre Lafanechère.

    The landscapes of Framed Earth, immersed in the ocean, linger on dwellings, places of life. Having become islands, these pieces of worlds remind us of how we inhabit digital space and navigate the ocean of data. We sail from island to island, from bubble to information bubble, more or less populated, isolated, connected to each other. Behind the tangible framework represented by the edges of our screens are drawn informational frameworks that sequence, divide and reaggregate the worlds we inhabit.

    To live is however not simply to spatially occupy a place, it is also to project one’s affects there and by constructing a story there. These imaginary digital habitats unfold in several forms and inspire different stories, sometimes absurd, even scary, between autarkic desertion and a post-apocalyptic world.


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