Pilar Rosado

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  • ISEA2022

    Joan Fontcuberta & Pilar Rosado have their work facilities at Roca Umbert Factory of the Arts in Granollers, Barcelona. This neighborhood situation allowed them to find shared concerns about art and technology that fueled their collaboration on different projects.
    [Source: https://www.beepcollection.art/joan-fontcuberta-pilar-rosado]

    Pilar Rosado (Sant Boi del Llobregat, Spain, 1965) is an artist, teacher, and researcher. Graduated in Biology and PhD in Fine Arts, she has published various essays on the application of artificial vision models for the analysis of large collections of abstract art images, which provide alternative points of view for reflection and which question the conventions of our gaze. In her artistic practice, she explores political issues that can be addressed from the image and that implicate machine learning technologies, such as information management in the visual archives of the future, revision of collective memory, or artificial creativity. http://pilarrosado.eu
    [Source: https://www.beepcollection.art/joan-fontcuberta-pilar-rosado]

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