“Prosopagnosia” by Joan Fontcuberta, Pilar Rosado

  • ©, Joan Fontcuberta and Pilar Rosado, Prosopagnosia



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    May 27-July 23, Centre d’Art Cal Massó de Reus, Beep Collection: OriginsPublic event.

    Prosopagnosia is an artificially created speculation on the dialectic of facial recognition and the oversight of celebrity portraits in historical archives. Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) have been used, which are deep neural network architectures composed of two networks that face each other (therefore, the term “adversary”), to create portraits that have never existed. Ian Goodfellow and other researchers from the University of Montreal introduced GANs in an article in 2014. The potential of these models is enormous because they can learn to mimic any dataset, that is, GANs can be taught to create haunting worlds, similar to ours in any domain: images, music, speech, or prose.
    “Prosopagnosia” won the 15th edition of the ARCO-BEEP Electronic Art Award

    [Source: https://www.beepcollection.art/joan-fontcuberta-pilar-rosado]

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