Raivo Kelomees

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  • Estonian Academy of Arts, Tartu University, and Academy of Arts in Tallinn


  • E-Media Center and Fine Arts Department

Job Title:

  • Artist, Critic, New Media Educator, and Professor


  • ISEA2011

    Raivo Kelomeesis an artist, critic and new media educator. Studied psychology, art history, and design in Tartu University and the Academy of Arts in Tallinn. Professor at the Fine Arts Department of Estonian Academy of Arts. Has published articles in main cultural and art magazines and newspapers of Estonia since 1985. Book author, “Surrealism” (Kunst Publishers, 1993) and an article collection  “Screen as a Membrane” (Tartu Art College proceedings, 2007). Doctoral thesis „Postmateriality in Art. Indeterministic Art Practices and Non-Material Art“ (Dissertationes Academiae Artium Estoniae 3, 2009).Participated in festivals and exhibitions: French-Baltic Video Art Festivals (Grand Prix in 1994); WRO 95, Wroclaw; Second International Video and Electronic Art Manifestation in Montreal 1995; 20th Tokyo Video Festival, 1998 (Silver Award); MuuMediaFestival in Helsinki (1998); Ars Electronica Mediathek, Linz (1999); 4th International Festival of New Film, Split (1999); ISEA 2000 (Paris); ISEA 2002 (Nagoya); FILE 2005 (Sao Paolo); Media Forum at the Moscow International Film Festival, 2006 (Moscow); Fluxus East. Fluxus Networks in Central Eastern Europe, Kumu Art Museum, 2008 (Tallinn) and many others.

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