“Corporeal Cinema: Tactility and Proprioception in Participatory Art” presented by Kelomees


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  • Design, Art, Science and Technology

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  • Corporeal Cinema: Tactility and Proprioception in Participatory Art




  • Keywords: Spatiality, Tactility, Proprioception, Multi-Screen Environments, Corporeal Cinematic Experiences, Interactive Art, Biofeedback

    In this article I analyse performances, artworks and installations in audiovisual and contemporary art which emphasise tactile and corporeal experiences. This tendency can be observed in technological art, cinema and large visual attractions. I aim to demonstrate that due to technical developments and new tools, the possibilities now exist for new aesthetic experiences in which the body’s position and its biological reactions play a decisive role.

    The Proprioceptive Experience in Art
    This leads to the question of how the critical or theoretical point of view of an artwork changes when the spectator’s reactions to it are documented and quantified in real time and are changed into source material for the next stage(s) of the artwork. Does this constitute the next step in the research of interactive artworks which were based on the subjective analysis of the participant’s reactions? Does it require us to rewrite analyses of artworks which were based on the subjective judgements of the researchers?

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