Renick Bell

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  • ISEA2016
    I improvise music performances through live coding using a software library that I have written called Conductive. Live coding, or the performance through programming, enables a performer to manipulate symbols rather than use physical gestures to carry out a performance. For me, physical gesture is more limited in expressivity than manipulation of symbols representing abstractions; while humans have learned to use a complex vocabulary of gestures to produce art, the realtime manipulation of text-based symbols may increase the range of what is expressible. I also feel it is more convenient than typical graphical software that a user manipulates with a mouse. Through live coding, I achieve a text-based control center.

    I can specify complex parameter changes to be executed simultaneously while using a variety of existing programming tools to increase efficiency. From another perspective, live coding extends algorithmic composition and turns it into a live performance rather than a write/compile/run loop from traditional software development or electronic music composition. Because the music is generated algorithmically, I am often suprised and challenged by the resulting output. With these tools and methods, I can explore combinations of sounds and rhythm patterns, most of which I could not achieve without the use of my software. I am seeking such experience for myself in performances. At the same time, I want to continually make the code that I use more expressive. Exploration of these areas fascinates me.


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