Ricardo Iglesias

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  • Faculty of Fine Arts. UCM

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  • ISEA 2022

    Bachelor of Philosophy and Letters (UAM), PhD Cum Laude in Fine Arts (UB). European rank and Extraordinary Doctorate Award 2011-2012. He is currently a professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts. UCM. In 2015, III MADATAC New Media Art Essay Award and publication: Art and robotics: technology as aesthetic experimentation. Work concepts: interaction, communication and control.

    Exhibitions (selection): (Al)most life, after all (Barcelona 2019) Expanded Aesthetics (Colombia 2019), The Origin of Magic(Madrid 2019) Electronic November (Buenos Aires 2017) HarddiskMuseum (Barcelona, ​​2017), Electronic Timing. BEEP Collection of Electronic Art (Valencia 2017) ArtPlay 1840s (TATE, United Kingdom, 2014) Metaphors of Survival (Buenos Aires 2013) Video Guerrilla Festival (Sao Paulo 2012).

    Residency_grants: International researcher UB-Univ. Maimonides-UNTREF (Buenos Aires 2017) Artistes residents. Center Hangar (Barcelona 2014) LICAP. Residence (Buenos Aires 2013) NCCA. Residence (Saint Petersburg 2013) VEGAP Proposals (2012) OSIC Scholarships (2012), Ramon Llull Institute Subsidy (2011/2006) CONCA. Arts Visuals (2011).


    Ricardo Iglesias & Gerald Kogler are artists of reference in Digital Art. Their net.art artworks are a complex metaphor regarding society and the web itself. They are pioneers in the field of interactive robotics.
    [Source: https://www.beepcollection.art/ricardo-iglesias-gerald-kogler]

    Ricardo Iglesias (Madrid, Spain, 1965), Philosophy Bachelor , Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Fine Arts PhD , Universitat de Barcelona. European Scope and Extraordinary Doctorate Prize ,2012. Currently he teaches interactive systems and videoart at Fine Arts Faculty, Complutense University, Madrid. He has participated in numerous national and international art exhibitions such as, Wunderkammer, Madrid, 2019, Noviembre Electrónico, Buenos Aires, 2017, FASE9 ,Buenos Aires, 2017, HarddiskMuseum, Barcelona, 2017, Electronic Timing, Valencia, 2017, 1840s GIF Party,TATE -London, 2014, Video Guerrilla Festival, Sao Paulo, 2012, , (.mov) Videoarte en mOvimiento, Lima, 2012, FILE | Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo, 2011, Río de Janeiro, 2006, Les Rencontres Internationales,Paris, 2008, Madrid, 2008 Banquete. Nodos y redes ,ZKM -Karlsruhe, 2009, LaBoral-Gijón, 2008, Sintopía(s, New York, 2008, Pekín, 2007, Juego Doble, México, 2006, Sala Metronòm, Barcelona, 2005, BCN, t`ho Porto, BCN to Porto, Oporto, 2004, MediaLab Prado, Madrid, 2003, LOOP´00, Barcelona, 2003, Cyberia 02, Santander, 2002, ARTCologne, 35th Internacional Fair for Modern Art, Colonia, 2005, 2002, Webby Prize Competition, SFMOMA – San Francisco, 2000, Mediaterra Festival , Atenas, 1999, Net_Condition, Karlsruhe, Graz, Tokyo, Barcelona, 1999.
    [Source: https://www.beepcollection.art/ricardo-iglesias-gerald-kogler]



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