Sally Jane Norman



  • ISEA1995

    Sally Jane Norman, Aotearoa (New Zealand)/France, is a performing arts theorist, author of numerous articles on the body and new technologies; organizer of an international motion capture course in 1994.

    Born in New Zealand, Sally Jane Norman studied at Canterbury University then completed a Doctorat de 3e cycle and a Doctorat d’etat in Theater Studies at Paris III. She took courses with Stockhausen, Xenakis, and Cage, and was member of the CAIRN artists’ cooperative. Her articles on performing arts and new technologies include publications with the Performing Arts Laboratory of the CNRS. She directed the “New Images and Museology” conference at the Louvre in 1993, and a motion capture course at the Interna­tional Puppetry Institute in 1994. Trained in classical dance and martial arts.

Current Location:

  • Aotearoa (New Zealand)/France