“Location and Navigation: Wayfaring and Arts of Tuning” presented by Norman


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  • Location and Navigation: Wayfaring and Arts of Tuning




  • Wayfaring hones our ability to discern familiar and alien settings, reinforcing our sense of drifting or belonging. Ways of wayfaring evolve technically and cognitively: while star path steering of ancient vessels meant instrument-free navigation, the “star paths” of today’s spacecraft are largely controlled by remote apparatus. Navigation can be construed as a kind of exploratory tuning whereby we can access infinite or infinitesimal spatial and temporal scales, in contrast to location and situatedness which imply positioning, thus responsibility for the paths traced by our journeying. This paper suggests that the more we develop our wayfaring skills, the more we need to celebrate (in) specific times and places through aesthetic experience that uniquely tunes our responses in, and to, the Anthropocene.

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