Sha Xin Wei

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  • ISEA2020

    Sha Xin Wei is Professor of the School of Arts, Media + Engineering and Director of the Synthesis Center Arizona State University, Fellow of the ASU-Santa Fe Institute Center for Biosocial Complex Systems, Senior Fellow of Building21 at McGill, and Professor at the European Graduate School. With Sponge, FoAM and artists from TML and Synthesis, Sha has directed event-installations in Ars Electronica, DEAF / V2, MediaTerra, Future Physical UK, Elektra, and eArts Shanghai, Postmasters NYC, and Musée des arts et métiers Paris, recognized by the Langlois Foundation; LEF; Creative Work Fund; and Rockefeller.

    Sha’s research concerns how gestures, rhythm, physical or social objects, people, relations or sense emerge under complex dynamical processes, attending to ethico-aesthetic and ecosystemic value. Dr. Sha’s computational media research includes responsive environments, gestural time-based media. After a first career in scientific simulations and modeling, and Mathematics PhD at Stanford (2001), he founded and directed the Topological Media Lab, studying gesture, distributed agency and materiality with application to the phenomenology of performance and the built environment.

    ISEA 2002

    Sha Xin Wei (USA) was trained in mathematics at Harvard and Stanford Universities, working over a decade in scientific simulation, visualization and experimental multimedia. After obtaining an interdisciplinary Ph.D. at Stanford on differential geometric performance and writing technologies, Sha joined the faculty of the School of Literature, Communication and Culture at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, USA. Sha established the Topological Media Lab to study gesture and media from phenomenological as well as computational perspectives. He now conducts research on computational media and responsive media spaces, and on how scientists, artists and technologists can collaborate to produce knowledge and cultural artefacts.

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  • Arizona, United States of America

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