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  • ISEA2009

    Squidsoup (squidsoup.org) is an open group of artists and designers built around:

    Anthony Rowe, Associate Professor of Interaction Design, Oslo

    Chris Bennewith, Associate Professor, Head of the Institute of Visual Communication, Massey University (New Zealand)

    Gaz Bushell, lead programmer for a UK based marketing company specializing in viral games.


    Squidsoup. Formed in 1997, Squidsoup is a London-based art and design group whose work is known around the world. Altzero, their main art project for the last 2 years, has been shown at dozens of events including SIGGRAPH N-Space Art Gallery (LA, August 2001), SONAR (Barcelona, June 2001), and Web3D Symposium (Tempe Arizona, February 2002 and ICA. March 2002). Their work has also been shown at events such as Milia (Cannes), Ars Electronics (Linz, Austria), onedotzero (London) and as a standalone installation at the ICA (London). They were awarded an International EMMA award for Best Online Art and their work has been shown in several online curated exhibitions including ‘bin’ (online art gallery for japanese design magazine Shift) and the Remedi Project (USA).

Last Known Location:

  • London, GB

Role(s) at the symposia over the years: