“The Stealth Project on NOVA” by Squidsoup, Martina Eberle, Simon Schubiger

  • ©, Squidsoup, Martina Eberle, and Simon Schubiger, The Stealth Project on NOVA


    The Stealth Project on NOVA

Artist(s) and People Involved:



Artist Statement:

    The Stealth Project is a two-player experience loosely based on the classic board games of Connect Four. Players sit opposite each other and use the grid of buttons in front of them to fire missiles across an abstracted 3D space. Once launched these projectiles are either detected by radar, hit by another incoming missile, or make it to the opposing side, grabbing a point. Each event simultaneously adds to a collaborative spatial musical composition – missiles emit sounds based on their position and elements they encounter along their trajectory. The piece explores the materiality and visual possibilities of a 3D grid of individually addressable lights. Missiles are represented as small points of smoothly flowing light – compressed energy, present yet chimerical, reflecting the overarching quality of this form of visualisation. The missiles have a presence, an ominous glow, as they fly inexorably across the sky. The grid becomes a scale model of airspace. Yet, simultaneously, it is an abstract representation, as the diagrammatical radar sweep is superimposed onto the model in a parallel visualisation. At either end vertical walls of the grid represent game boards or bombed urban spaces in twin twisted vertical cities.

    NOVA is the world’s first three dimensional, freely configurable video LED system offering 360° vision.