Stephan Dunkelman

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  • ISEA1997

    Stephan Dunkelman was born in Brussels in 1956. Electroacoustic composing in Music Conservatorium of Brussels: First Prize. Studio music: Signallures (1991): Finalist at the Luigi Russolo Competition (Varese, Italie, 91) selected for the CD Acousmatica (December 96); Rituellipses (1993): Special mention at the Stockholm Electronic Arts Award 1993; Prix Ars Electronica 95, computer music, Aquaera I (1996): Commission of empreintes Digitales for the CD, Electra-clips bis (1997).”One aspect of my work deals with associating movement-in-time and movement-in-space, developing techniques of spatial language for music and adapting them to those already for time, or even better, drawing them as they emerge when expressions of time are revealed. I try to grow my music thanks to creative relationship with sculptors or painters for the perception of time and with choreographers for growth of movement.” Concert: Rituellipses: Ars Musica 93, ICMC 94, Ars Musica 94, Gaudeamus Festival 95, Acousmatic Festival 96 L’espace du sort; Aquaera I: European Electroacoustic Festival 97, ICMC 97, ISEA 97. Music for exhibitions of sculptors/painters: Phil Billen, Charlotte Marchal and Axel Miret.

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  • Belgium


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