Stephan Dunkelman: Rituellipses

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Artist Statement:

    Rituellipses (1993-96), movements for ellipses, verticals, curves and transverses, was realized at Musiques & Recherches Studio (Ohain, Belgium). It has received special mention for the Stockholm Electronic Arts Award (1993) and Ars Electronica (1995). The basic source materials are percussion (metal, wood, PVC), voices (adolescent, woman, man), blowing in blowpipes, whistling, and “chapman stick” guitar playing. Even if I dance silently, I can only dance musically. Rituellipses is a music of “sounds in movement”, made by and for dance. The sonic objects, made from fragments of concrete or instrumental musical patterns, are pulled along as if by a centrifugal force. They follow each other in continuous rotational movements which only silence can dissemble. These studies of trajectory combinations are developed in short movements alternately lively, calm, restrained or uninhibited. An equilibrium was achieved when the whole appeared to be multipliable, complete yet open. The memory of two film scenes, by A. Tarkovski and the Taviani brothers, have been with me throughout the creation of this work. They were about the relationships that each of us can have with a tree, an object of archaic worship which, like stone, seems to carry the traces of lost wisdom. It is their impression which feeds the spirit of the piece.


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