Stephen Wilson

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Most Recent Affiliation(s):

  • San Francisco State University, School of Art, _Professor

ISEA Bio(s) Available:

  • [1944 – 2011]


    Stephen Wilson, co-chair, is an artist who explores the cultural impli­cations of new technologies and head of the Conceptual Design/ Information Arts program at San Francisco State University. He has written numerous articles and several books including World Wide Web Design Guide. He is one of the international editors of Leonardo.


    Steve Wilson is a net artist who created. with the help of Xerox PARC Interface scientists, one of the first alternative methods for surfing the web, in this case, the Road Not Taken, which showed the websites you didn’t click to, breaking open a flood of new browser possibilities and a kind of ennui as well

Last Known Location:

  • San Francisco, California, United States of America


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