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  • ISEA1997

    Sue Thomas, Nottingham, UK, has just completed her third novel, The [+]NET[+] Of Desire, which takes place in the unbodied realm of text-based virtuality. The landscape of the book can be found at LambdaM00 #87887. Her first novel, Correspondence, explored the choice to be made between a human or a machine body, and was short-listed for several awards, including the 1992 Arthur (Clarke Award for Best Science Fiction Novel). In her second book, Water, she invent­ed Ruari, a sensual yet wholly inorganic entity. She is editor of the story collection, Wild Women, and has written for Wired, Geekgirl, and Mute. Course Leader of the MA in Writing and Project Leader of the trace Writing and Technology Research Project at Nottingham Trent University, England, she will be teaching at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth for the Spring Semester of 1998. “She writes about our machined, manipulated land­scape with bold sensual accuracy. Billed as a ‘roleplay’ as well as a novel, Correspondence is formally inventive with a rich sense of humour.” (Village Voice) “There is an interest­ing surreal quality in Water. Mythic. Although the rules of physics are never actually broken, it feels as if they might be any second.” (LA Times Book Review).

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  • Nottingham, GB

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