Suguru Goto

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  • ISEA2011

    Suguru Goto, IRCAM, Paris, France


    Suguru Goto is a Japanese composer and a multi-media artist. He started his career in a contemporary music scene. His recent works involves new technologies in experimental performing art. He invented Virtual Musical Instruments, which are the interfaces between gesture of human and a computer. Sound and video images are controlled by Virtual Music Instrument with computers in real time. He has been internationally active and has received numerous prizes and fellowships. His compositions have been performed in major festivals, such as Tanglewood Music Festival, Sonar, CiCV-Les Nuits Savoueuses, ICC, Electrofie, International Theater Festival Berezillia, SWR-Fadnation Musik, Les Rencontres Internationales Paris Berlin, Haus der Kultures der Welt – Heimat Kunst, and Inventionen ’94 etc.

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  • Paris, FR

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