Sunjeong Hwang

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  • ISEA2023

    Hwang Sunjeong is a media artist, composer, and performer of music. She focuses on the relationship between post-human-nonhuman, technology, and nature. she aims to create a fissure in conventional time and space with the interdisciplinary research and creation process and find the organic connection of human-naturetechnology. She is searching out the lack of ‘linking nodes of human nature- technology in this post-contemporary era. Experiments on the interface between the senses and the non-sensory, humans, and non-humans. And suggests contemporary humanity. Continue to create a post-hyper human map with a planetary perspective through a variety of media – installation, generative art, new media art, AI, creative coding, music, and audiovisual performance. Since 2017, her work have been exhibited in galleries and art centers including Sejong Art center (KR), Asia Culture Center(KR), Gallery Chosun(KR), Ara Art Center(KR). Her media art A/V works, as collective performances of oOps.50656 have been premiered and presented in festivals MUTEK Japan(JP) / Mexico(MX), Paradise Art Lab(KR), WeSA(KR), PRECTXE(KR). Her work has been awarded by Art center Nabi(KR), ACC(KR), and more.


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