“Tanhamnu Warp Drive” presented by Hwang


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  • Tanhamnu Warp Drive




  • Sunjeong Hwang is an ISEA2023 selected artist

    Premiered and exhibited at ACC (Asia Culture Center), 2021. Also exhibited at New Art City (online) by the Arts Council Korea Art Museum, 2022.
    Mycelium is an organism on earth that occupies most of the earth’s geological period, far beyond the geological period called the Anthropocene. Artist named this to ‘metabolic organ,’ and through them, the coexistence explores from a natural and global perspective. Contains the human and mycelial ontological synthesized as an experience, this work includes the organic metabolism of the fungal system and the artist’s perspective on metabolizing the earth.

    While researching mycelium fungi, the artist unravels the relationship and network of fungi and the ‘indeterminism’ development of their growth process as a generative medium using new media and neural rendering, Ai and neural networks. And through this organism, the ecology system reveals the view that Eastern time implied.

    Tanhamnu Warp Drive Single Channel Video 14’05” 2021 _The Tanhamu Project begins with research on the network system of mushrooms (fungi), ecology metabolism, and symbiotic relationships, and contains thoughts about Earth-human metabolism in the current geological era. Through this project, named ‘Tanhamu’, which is a combination of the ancient Sanskrit words ‘Taṇhā’(desire)’ and ‘舞mu(dance), the artist has been working on symbosis and synthesis with species, connection of differences and Reflecting on the meaning of encountering through transformation. Tanhamu unleashes the posthuman interest in metabolism and organic communication through media works, both as a natural-artificial institution that extends human network system and symbiotic relationships.

    Director Creative Visuals / Cinematograph / Writer / Voice: Hwang Sunjeong
    Sound design / Genertive AI: Hwang Sunjeong,
    MoonGyuchul Neural Randering: Hwang Sunjeong, Sergio Bromberg
    human Cast: LeeJeongmin

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