Tatsuo Unemi

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  • Soka University, Faculty of Engineering Department of Information Systems Science, _Professor

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  • ISEA2019

    Tatsuo Unemi was born in Kanazawa, Japan in 1956. After he graduated from Department of Control Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1978, he worked in the fields of Artificial Intelligence as a graduate school student, a research associate, and a lecturer. He received a doctor’s degree in 1994 from the same university. He has been teaching Computer Science at Soka University since 1992, and working as a professor since 2012. He develops artistic software such as SBArt for visuals and SBEAT for music.


    Prof. Tatsuo Unemi, Faculty of Engineering Department of Information Systems Science, SOKA University, Hachiōji, Tokyo, Japan


    Tatsuo Unemi is a professor at Soka University in Tokyo where he teaches in the fields of Soft Computing and Media Programming.

    Both Unemi and Bisig are active as scientists and artists and have collaboratively realised several interactive works for installation and performance. The simulation of biological behaviour forms a central underlying commonality in their works.

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  • Tokyo, Japan

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