Tatsuru Arai

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  • ISEA2023

    Tatsuru Arai (1981, Japan) is composer/sound-graphicprogrammer/creator of Gesamtkunstwerk. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany. 2003-2009 Bachelor and Diplom studies in composition with Akira Nishimura,Toshio Hosokawa and Sunao Isaji at Tokyo college of Music. 2007 in composition-class with Bernhard Lang at Implus in Graz. 2009-2013 MA-studies Compostion, Computer-programming and Multimedia-art with Wolfgang Heiniger at the Academy of Music “Hanns Eisler” Berlin. Opera “Vitruvian“ was performed Berlin and London. His main artistic theme is to integrate from classical compositions to new technology, as ‘TRANS-AGES MUSIC’, and to present the fundamental physical nature of the universe in the form of perceptional experiences, that could be called aesthetics of  ‘geometric structure’. The human perception of sound, a physical phenomenon, influences human beings and the ‘geometric structure’ is a fundamental pillar that allows us to understand the true nature of the universe. Creating a way to experience even a part of the nature of the universe through sound. From 2016 he is composing Hyper Serial Music that will add innovation to the principle of Serialism three-point: “structural”, “complex” and “noisy”. Hyper-Serial-Music is the algorithm music generated by state-of-the-art technology such as Artificial Intelligence than by native human intelligence only. He is performing this work in over 70 cities.


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  • Japan

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