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  • ISEA2011

    Todor Todoroff. Born in 1963, Todor Todoroff (B) received an Engineering degree at the Free University of Brussels, then a First Prize and a Higher Degree in Electroacoustic Composition in the Royal Conservatoires of Music in Brussels and in Mons. After research in the field of speech processing at the FUB, he directed a program of Computer Music Research at the Polytechnic Faculty and the Royal Conservatoire of Music in Mons for five years. He is currently researcher on the Numediart Project at the University of Mons and teacher at the ESAPV (Ecole Supérieure des Arts Plastiques et Visuels). Since 1993 he developed in parallel interactive systems at ARTeM (Art, Recherche, Technologie et Musique). His electroacoustic music, live or acousmatic, shows a special focus on sound spatialisation and on research into new forms of sound transformation with gestural control. Intrigued by the dialogue between electroacoustic music and other art forms, he composes for video, film, theatre, contemporary dance, mainly through his long term collaboration with choreographer Michèle Noiret, and installations, often with other artists, amongst who Marie-Jo Lafontaine, FOAM, Fred Vaillant and Laura Colmenares Guerra. He received commissions form the Paris Opera, IMEB, Art Zoyd, Musiques Nouvelles, Festivaal van Vlaanderen, ZKM and Musiques & Recherches. Prize of the Audience at Noroit (France, 1991), First Prize (2007) and Mentions (2002, 2005, 2009) at the Bourges Competitions (France) and several times finalist.


    Developer of interactive systems and gesture-controlled virtual instruments.


    Born in 1963, Todor Todoroff is an Electrical Engineer with a specialization in telecommunications (1987). After having done research in the field of speech processing at the Free University of Brussels, he is now head of the Computer Music Research at the Polytechnic Faculty in Mons (Belgium) where he develops computer tools for electroa­coustic music in collaboration with the Royal Conservatory of Music in Mons. He received in 1993 a First Prize for Electroacoustic Composition at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels. His main musical work is focused on tape music, with a special interest in dealing with space and multiphony, but he also composes music for film, video and theatre productions, as well as for installations in collabora­tion with contemporary artists. He received the Prize of the Audience Ex-Aequo at the 1991 International Noroit Competition in Arras (France) and was finalist at the 1992 International Luigi Russolo Competition in Varese (Italy) and at the I. Concorso Internacional de Musica Eletroacustica de Sao Paulo 1995 (Brazil). His music has been played on the radio in several countries and has been programmed in many festivals (Ars Musica 93 and 94, ICMC 95 and 96, ISEA95, Euracousma 93, JIM 95 and 96).


    Todor Todoroff is a composer of electroacoustic music and head of Computer Music Research at the Polytechnic Faculty and the Royal Conservatory in Mons (Belgium), he is a founding member of the Belgian Federation for Electroacoustic Music (FeBeME) and of ARTeM studio. Prize winner at the Prix International Noroit (France, 1991).


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  • Belgium



European Joystick Orchestra – Métaboles    


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