Todor Todoroff: Obsession

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Artist Statement:

    This work, composed quadrophonically for the Bunker 91 festival in Antwerp, Belgium, illustrates the theme Eros & Thanatos with mainly two types of sound materials:


    —Spinning sounds of water are treated first by filtering and it transports one into its vortex. Then, trough the analysis of their energy and frequency content, the microscopic and chaotic nature of flowing water is revealed. This will lead to a polyphony of notes which are distributed on four acoustical chains, symbolic of life where a large amount of external stimuli, often contradictory, will sometimes significantly modify a lifetime. A feedback loop has been added to the analysis system and enables the system to react according to its own history.


    —Extracts of poems by Baudelaire have been fragmented, transformed, assembled and projected in the auditory space. The evolution from micro-montage to a full sentence, goes through a succession of words whose assembly adds to perturbing mental images born of a combination of pleasure and pain, love and death.


    Obsession won the Audience Prize ex-Aequo at the 1991 International Noroit—Leonce Petitot Competition in Arras, France.


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