Troy Innocent


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  • Troy Innocent is an artist, academic, and educator investigating code in mixed realities, particularly its capacity to decode and reimagine the world in playful ways. His nonobjective art practice explores connections between geometric abstraction and code expressed in works of sculpture, animation, image, sound and installation. In 2017 Innocent was awarded the Melbourne Knowledge Fellowship to research playable cities in the Europe and UK, informing his public art practice of ‘urban code-making’ – a system he developed for situating play in cities such as Melbourne, Istanbul, Sydney and Hong Kong. Innocent teaches pervasive game design at Swinburne University; and is represented by Anna Pappas Gallery.


    Since 1989, Troy Innocent (Australia) has been employing techniques of freeform mutation with computers to create experimental electronic art which has been exhibited internationally. Idea-ON>! is one in a series of hypermedia projects Troy has produced independently to explore the developing language of the new media. He continues to work with the group CyberDada, conceived in 1989, on performance, installation, and video projects, the most recent project being Techno Digesto Fetishism.


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