Theory of Cyberdada


Session Title:

  • Techno Cultures

Presentation Title:

  • Theory of Cyberdada



  • This paper sets out to present the public with Cyberdada philosophies and technical specifications. A number of concepts will be explored, including the current thoughts and actions of Cyberdada culture. A major theme of Cyberdada has been creating simulations of simulated reality (ie. cyberspace) using multimedia installations. We will present people with the workings of a future virtual reality, and the kind of society this system will support. All information (physical, psychological, visual, computer data) is transmitted and received in patterns. Cyberdada proposes new processes for human communication and thought, experimenting Melbourne, Australia with videographics and installation work to set up experience for the physical human interface. Offering information for the. computer that doesn’t imply or state money/power/consumer materialism, but using technology as a means of creating experiences leading to a higher state of consciousness/new system of communication. Technical aspects of the processes at work within the Cyberdada system include:

    1. image generation
    2. cultural referencing
    3. improvisational computer art techniques new methods of
    4. playing with the technology, creating your own way of
    using the system
    5. intended telepresence systems
    6. intended metaphysical integration