Tsvetan Bachvaroff

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    In addition to receiving his Certificate in Emergency Medical Services and serving as a Paramedic with the Baltimore City Fire Department for four years, Tsvetan Bachvaroff received his B.A. degree from Johns Hopkins University (USA) and Ph.D. from the University of Maryland College Park. He was a Post-doctoral Fellow at the Center of Marine Biotechnology and subsequently with the Smithsonian Institution. He assumed his present position in 2013 as Research Assistant Professor for the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology (IMET) at The University System of Maryland. Presently his research is focused on dinoflagellate evolution with special emphasis on the parasitic dinoflagellates, using large scale sequencing and phylogenetic methods to describe the evolutionary history of different types of genes in dinoflagellates.

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  • Maryland, Baltimore, United States of America

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