The Dinoflagellate (Pyrocystis) Bioluminesce According To Their Own DNA


Session Title:

  • The Ecosophic World: Plants and Microbial Agencies

Presentation Title:

  • The Dinoflagellate (Pyrocystis) Bioluminesce According To Their Own DNA



  • Our cross-species artwork and research expose emergent strategies from the point of view of a non-human species. Dinoflagellates are the outlaws of micro-organisms, they defy simple categorization and use a variety of symbiotic or alternative strategies for survival. This collaboration between an artist and marine biologist will describe a ten-day installation for the Light City Festival along Baltimore’s Harbor where millions of bioluminescent dinoflagellates [pyrocystis] responded to participants voices. For instance, when the audience came to a microphone and asked “What is the Shape of Water?” the dino’s answered by illuminating the audio-induced water forms. Singer Bonnie xx performed an improvisational piece with the ancient invisible critters and when no one was speaking, when no one was speaking, the dinoflagellates illuminated according to their own DNA via a soundtrack composed by a DNA algorithmic conversion. A new project “Under the Bay” will use mixed reality [XR\\AR] by streaming data from Baltimore’s Harbor around the National Aquarium in order to see and hear what the water is saying.