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  • ISEA2011

    Dr. Tuck Leong is a Senior Research Associate with the Social Inclusion and the Digital Economy (SiDE) hub at Newcastle University, United Kingdom. Designed in Malaysia and subsequently exported to Melbourne, Australia, Tuck’s background spans immunology, music, languages, multimedia and interaction design. His interest in technology is primarily focused upon understanding how people use, interact with, and in turn experience and make sense of their technology use. Tuck has published widely on aspects of randomness and how it could inform designs for user-experience. This is part of his deep interest in people’s experience of serendipity when interacting with digital media. Theorising this experience, he identified its key dimensions which leads to ideas of how we might design technologies which allow us to experience serendipity positively. With expertise and interests in qualitative research methods, participatory design, theory and methods for experience-centred design, Tuck is currently engaged in exploring the notion of Participation in design activities and in particular when designing for Human Values. Building upon his previous work with the Digital Urban Living group at Aarhus University, Denmark, he hopes to bring together the traditions of ethnography and participatory design to build a more robust understanding of how we can best design through participation and with human values.

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  • Newcastle, United Kingdom

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