Tuğçe Oklay

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  • ISEA2015

    Tuğçe OKLAY, PhD Candidate, University of Paris VIII, Saint-Denis, France. After finishing BA in International Relations at Galatasaray University; and MA at EHESS in Theories and Practices of Language and Arts; I continued my studies at the University of Paris 8 in Contemporary Art and New Media department. I am currently a PhD student at the Graduate School of Aesthetics, Science and Technologies of Arts at the University of Paris 8.
    I realized two researches on the relation between society and cinema from different periods and different regions: “The Representation of totalitarian regimes in the cinema of Central Europe based on two films from the 1970s in Eastern Europe: Szabo’s Mephisto and Wajda’s Iron Man” (BA dissertation) and “The religious elements in contemporary cinema in Turkey: the figure of the religious man and the child,” (Master’s dissertation at EHESS). Then, in Paris 8, during my second master’s degree dissertation, ”The subjective and collective experience in interactive installations”, I examined individual and/or collective experiences in interactive installations, studying the artwork-spectator/participant relationship. I also tried to report and explain the change in the field of communication and media in connection with the transition from industrial to post-industrial society and the development of digital arts by analyzing audio-visual productions of our era. As to my current PhD thesis, it is an aesthetic reading of online artistic activist productions.

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  • Saint-Denis, France, French Republic

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