Tyler Fox

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Most Recent Affiliation / Department / Job Title:

  • University of Washington and Bothell Studio, _Director

ISEA Bio(s) Available:

  • ISEA2015

    Tyler Fox, University of Washington | Bothell Studio Director, IMD, Seattle, WA, USA.
    Tyler Fox is an artist, researcher and educator interested in posthumanism, relational ontology, process philosophy, assemblage, nonhumans, emergence, technology…and more. His work focuses on creating shared experiences between humans and nonhumans. He received his PhD from the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University and an MFA in Intermedia from the Elam School of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland. He holds BAs in Art History and the Comparative History of Ideas from the University of Washington.


Last Known Location:

  • Seattle, Washington, United States of America

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