Uwe Seifert

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  • ISEA 2017

    • Prof. dr. Uwe Seifert, Institute of Musicology, University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany.  we studied Musicology, Computer Science and Philosophy at the University of Hamburg, from which he received the »Magister Artium«, the »Promotion« (PhD) and the »Venia Legendi« or Habilitation« (postdoctoral qualification) in Systematic Musicology. Since 1999 he has held a professor-ship in Musicology at the University of Cologne. He has been a member of the Collaborative Research Centre SFB/FK 427 “Media and Cultural Communication” since 2002, in which he has been leader of the research projects “Electronic Music Transformation since 1950 – Transcriptive Interaction” (2002-2004) and “Artistic Interactivity in Hybrid Networks” (2005-2008). From 2006 till 2014 he has been partner of the International Summer School in Systematic Musicology funded by the European Union. Currently he is a member of the research group »Schlüsselthemen musikalischer Grundlagenforschung: Interdisziplinäre Musikforschung und Musikphilosophie heute« at the Institute for Advanced Study »Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg«, Delmenhorst.

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  • Germany

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