“Biomedical Signals in Media Art: towards the Awakening of Internal Peace” presented by Robles-Angel, Seifert, Birringer and Scherffig


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  • Biomedical Signals in Media Art: towards the Awakening of Internal Peace




  • The panel undertakes a deep and critical reflection about the general usage of biomedical signals from the mid 1960s to nowadays and their inclusion in artistic work, in regard both to the artistic application of these signals as well as the consequent theoretical implications. The members of this panel discuss concrete applications of biomedical signals in dance, performance and installation, the role of the enacting self embodied in these systems and the implications interactive installations have for the self-perception through technology. They focus on the complex and hybrid relationships between body, technology and environment, the perceptual qualities emerging from it, as well as the ethical implications of employing these systems.

    Keywords: Bio-data, Bio-feedback, BCI, HCI, New Media, DYI, Machine Ethics

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