Varvara Guljajeva

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  • Art University of Linz, Austria, Interface Cultures, Artist

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  • Estonian Academy of Arts

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  • ISEA2014

    Varvara Guljajeva & Mar Canet, Tallinn, Estonia. Varvara & Mar is an artist duo formed in 2009. Often duo’s work is inspired by the digital age. In their practice they confront social changes and impact of technological era. In addition to that, Varvara & Mar are fascinated by kinetics, participation, and digital fabrication, which are integral parts of their work.


    Varvara Guljajeva is a female artist from Estonia, who works with art, people, technology, and materials. Her main focus is on participatory art, interactive installations, and kinetic sculptures. Often Varvara’s works are her reflection on society, environment and cyber-age. She has exhibited her works in a number of international exhibitions and festivals. In addition to that, Varvara was teaching at Interface Cultures in the Art University of Linz, Austria, and has given a several workshops. Varvara has worked with children, youth, and artists who are eager to apply technology for creative purposes. Varvara is a PhD student at the Estonian Art Academy.


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  • Tallinn, Estonia

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