Yen Tzu Chang

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  • ISEA2016
    Yen Tzu Chang is a Taiwanese media artist who studied in Linz, Austria in 2014. Currently, she is based in Taiwan. For Yen Tzu Chang, art is a language for expression. Since 2011, she combines art and technology into her artworks, including interdisciplinary art and experimental performances based on sound installations.

    Her early works involved audio-visual and installations mixed with video art. During this time, she gradually became interested in making installations, because it was an extension from her past experience of audio, and visual performance. She began to develop her own electronic instruments such as the “Time Travel” and “Self-luminous” series, the two successful light installations. In her sound performance, she attempts to build the relationship between sound, instrument and one of her characters. The more experiments for concerts she conducts, the more possibilities for different characters she can play on the stage.

    She holds a bachelor’s degree from the new media art department of the Taipei National University of Art. Since 2018, she graduated a master’s degree at the Interface Culture department of the Kunstuniversität Linz. Her life and study have changed dramatically, which influenced her a lot on how she thinks and designs installations. For instance, “Retro Product- Vacuum Cleaner Instrument” is a turning point which rethinks domestic sounds. It is a hybrid project which mixes analog and digital sound and is presented as an experimental sound performance. It is not just a hacking of daily life machine, but also creating a nostalgic atmosphere from the point of the future.

    Until now, she has delivered sound art concerts/performances and exhibited her works in many international conferences and festivals, including Ars Electronica Festival, roBOt 08 Festival, Linux Audio Conference, ISEA, Digital Design Weekend in London, and etc.


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