Yen Tzu Chang: Self-Luminous 2

  • ©2013, Yen Tzu Chang, Self-Luminous 2
  • ©2013, Yen Tzu Chang, Self-Luminous 2


    Self-Luminous 2

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    Light, sound installation, performance



Artist Statement:

    Self-luminous 2 is an experimental handmade instrument shown as performance. It is a series-project which I have been working on since 2013 and finally developed into shape in 2014. I am looking for an intimate and personal instrument that reflects on the relation of digital sound and light code. In computer language, light on is 1 and light off is 0. If more than 2 lamps, it could be code or readable possibility by the meanings. When I press the button or turn the knob, the message will be sent to Pure Data, and the sound will be triggered in live by Pure Data.

    The Data of sound such as frequency and volume, are analyzed and sent out to the second Arduino to control the light. The light, in this case, is an intuitive element for human beings. From this point, it is really close to sound which disturbs our biological body directly. The lights are visualized and they can be transferred them into messages. The message might be readable by coincidence with the link to the code. The light is bright enough to let audiences to have persistence of vision in mind. During the performance, the sound will be reproduced by code and part of it is impromptu.



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