Younghui Kim

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Most Recent Affiliation(s):

  • HongIk University, Media Artist

Also Known as:

  • Marie

ISEA Bio(s) Available:

  • ISEA2011

    Younghui Kim is a media artist who uses wearable as a platform combining soft wearable technology & interactive physcal computing.  She finds her inspiration from everyday things or cultural reactions she observes. Younghui currently had a solo media art exhibition, “Bottari” at the gallery B2Project and is teaching “Interaction Design” and “Interactive Art of Everyday Things” at Digital Media Design Dept of Hongik University in Korea – while continuing to research and create interactive projects as a participating researcher at the WCU Digital Media Public Art Research Center. Younghui received her Masters degree from ITP, Tisch School of the Art, New York University (1998) and her BFA degree from the Parsons School of Design (1992). Younghui’s wearable technology projects have been showcased at many international exhibitions such as DALSMA, SIGGRAPH, Gwangju Design Biennale, FutureFashion Event, Ubicomp Conference and Social Fabrics. They are featured on media/publication such as Nippon TV, iChannel TV, Computer Graphics World, Fashionable Technology, Metamorphosis, and artist has been interviewed in Art4D, The Christian Science Monitor (as well as, Donga Science, Korean Times Weekly Magazine, and more. WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY ART PROJECTS: Body Graffiti:  The performing wearable art using POV display technology, 2009-2011. Your Venus:  The Projectable Wearable Dress, 2011. Stir It On!:  The Wearable Technology Art of Expressing Social Interaction in Public Space, 2007-2008. HearWear:  The Fashion of Environmental Noise Display, 2004-2006 in collaboration with Milena Berry.

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