Seeking for Outliers

  • ©ISEA2019: 25th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Younghui Kim, Seeking for Outliers


Session Title:

  • Data Visualization

Presentation Title:

  • Seeking for Outliers




  • With the rapid advancement of information technology, many people live in data-saturated digital societies. The collection of our action, decisions and opinions are digitally traced and analyzed to inform decision-making or AI (Artificial Intelligent) products. Through the series of artwork, “The Sense of Data”, I artistically approached how our everyday lives could be expressed and influenced through data. This work-in-progress artwork, “Seeking for Outliers” is the process of my artistic exploration of data. I hope to reflect on how data brings a role as a concept driver in art practice, where it defines materials, forms, shapes and context of meaning-making through my creative practice and discuss further on the artistic exploration of possible ‘outliers’ in data.