“A hybrid listening to atmospheric processes” presented by Regino


Session Title:

  • Ecosystems – Climate Change (full papers)

Presentation Title:

  • A hybrid listening to atmospheric processes

Presentation Subtheme:

  • Symbiotic Imaginaries




  • TI reflect on my artistic practice concerning generative sound from atmospheric processes. The work in progress called Augury: Divinatory interfaces builds upon the notion of hybrid listening to wind and natural radio. To sense the atmospheric dynamics and events of those phenomena, it requires both an embodied attunement related to sentience, and articulated technical systems that cognize and translate environmental signals into perceptible experiences to humans. Accordingly, a hybrid listening implies a deep-time perspective linking the atmospheric knowledge from con- temporary and ancient meteorology, as well as a symbiotic ensemble across human and technical systems in order to listen to more-than human scales and processes from atmosphere. In response to the question of ISEA 23 proposes “what constitutes a symbiotic imaginary?” Hybrid Listening sets forth a confluence of diverse ideas from meteorological knowledge that reassure human sentience, and implement technical cognition systems for attuning and listening to atmospheric processes from an embodied perspective. This investigation orients the crafting of interactive instruments designed for experiencing immersive sound, to match and invoke the ancestral experience and narratives of meteorology, and to reconcile with the atmospheric order, an ecological system of complex interplays across matter and agency.