A Manifesto for Electric Propagandists


Session Title:

  • Mediated Nations

Presentation Title:

  • A Manifesto for Electric Propagandists



  • There are no new theoretical structures. There are moments which redetermine the dynamics of theoretical structures (history). One such theoretical structure is Revolution. As participants in this thing named the `Information Revolution’, we allow our productions to become propaganda (political rhetoric). Because of this naming operational and programmatic political and economic ideologies (institutions) determine the fields (such as that of ‘Art’) in which we articulate. The borders of these fields are the limits of cultural legibility. Institutional ideology limits the numbers of revolutionary fighters (Artists). It thus divides and weakens the Revolution. Spontaneous dialogue must not be compromised by ideology. It must occur in spaces other than the field of legitimate aesthetics, and in unconventional dialects. The concept of a ‘status quo’ when (over)determined by the field of aesthetics, is a danger to free dialogue. The challenge to the Artist, in our new moment of (Information) Revolution, is to create open dialogue, or discourse. ‘Quality’ must no longer be determined by the Institution (i.e. University) but must be redefined according to the genre and intent of each and every articulation. Every labourer in this field of Information must therefore be an Artist, and every Artist a labourer.