Session Title:

  • Mediated Nations

Presentation Title:

  • Techno-Revolution



  • Revolution implies many things in the technological age. but its basic principles are sometimes forgotten. Revolution also means struggle, contest and dispute. resulting in constant creation. Our social objectives are intimately related with technology and new ways of creation, because the new technologies are nowadays fundamental tools (weapons). It is also important to understand two things: (1) the role of the industrialized countries over the underdeveloped ones and (2) the importance of the latter in the creation and exploration of their identity using new technologies. Underdeveloped countries are continuously struggling against their own identity, much more than the western world. This is why it is very important to promote centres for digital creation, in other words, centres for the research of art and science. The current kinds of technological development in Latin America helps the proliferation of technical training centers (low-level education) but not the opportunity for students to test for themselves, creating and inventing their (our) own future. Identity, cultural diversity and technology, a creative of ideas and thoughts will help us understand the past and also create our future.