Aesthetic and Rhetoric of Technological Art: The Interface Machines


Session Title:

  • Interactivity and Communication

Presentation Title:

  • Aesthetic and Rhetoric of Technological Art: The Interface Machines



  • Art throughout the XXth century has advanced towards an increasingly large place to interactivity, performance, installation, and appearances by the public. The emergence of an aesthetics of Media Arts where networks, machines – interfaces, the sensors play an increasingly significant role in the processes of creation raises the question of the statute of the artist and the nature of work. Erasing the old aesthetics and cultural categories, the technological interfaces, mainly in the fields of Visual Arts, are disseminated according to sensory and extra methods’ sensory, using multi-mode processes where productivity, tactility, emotive, attitudes, become forms, new indices of the return to senses. The multimedia installations do not rest any more on one medium, but on processes in action, feedback, becoming. It is then, with a disappearance of the support, material substrate which one assists. Where is gone Painting, when machines are going to paint? What becomes the work of art at the era of its data production? How these art forms contribute to the emergence of a new aesthetics?