Interactive Design and Electronic Arts


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  • NUMER.00 Session

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  • Interactive Design and Electronic Arts



  • numer.oo: understanding interactivity, international conference on interactive design

    Within the ISEA symposium, numer is organizing a session on the theme of interactive design and its position in the sphere of electronic arts.

    The numer association is hosting numer.oo, the international conference on interactive design, at the Ecole nationale des Beaux-arts on December 9 and 10, on the emergence of a critical view of interactive design. The main facets of the discipline are discussed: aesthetics, metaphor, dynamics, narration, usage and metadesign. The participants come from all over the world and represent the set of all related professions — concept, graphic, sound or algorithm designers,
    teachers, scientists, editors, portals, etc.

    Papers: State of the art of interactive design

    Interactive design is about web sites, cd-roms or kiosks, it is used for communication, education, games or culture, through skills of graphics, sound, text or programming… As a preamble to the round table on art and design, this collective presentation will capture the state of the art of interactive design.
    Moderator: Pierre Lavoie, president of numer.
    Speakers: Joshua Davis, Olivier Koechlin, Murielle Lefèvre, Étienne Mineur, Casey Reas.

    Round Table: Art, design and interactivity

    The artist speaks up, the designer lends his voice… Is it that simple? The designer responds to specifications while dealing with constraints. But in the process, he also impacts on aesthetics. The artist, on the other hand, chooses his subject and the setting of his discourse, but his intention also defines specifications : is he the designer of his own creation? These both reflect the same mastery over matter. However, they relate to different trades, practices, economies and even different communities.
    speakers: Maurice Benayoun, Jean-Jacques Birgé, Minna Tarkka.

    (Part in a Series of conferences: State of the art of the interactive)



  • With the support of, Ministry of Research, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CNC (Ministry of Culture).