“After Dan Graham: An archaeological approach to virtual reality art” presented by Han


Session Title:

  • Curatorial Practice

Presentation Title:

  • After Dan Graham: An archaeological approach to virtual reality art




  • Keywords: Virtual reality, media archaeology, closed-circuit video installation art, media art, Dan Graham

    After Dan Graham is a mixed reality art installation that employs an experimental media archaeological art methodology to bring closed-circuit video installation art into dialogue with emerging creative practices in virtual reality (VR). Recent work by immersive media artists have employed an archaeological approach to the creation of a variety of media art. Concomitant with these creative practices are studies that employ an archaeological method to re-examine the history of immersive media technologies. Both the scholarship and creative practices have explored fascinating connections between emerging technologies and the technologies of the past. After Dan Graham extends the archaeological approach to VR by re-creating and expanding an early form of closed-circuit video installation art within a virtual environment. In doing so, this project foregrounds the corporeal data that drives the VR experience and theorizes closed-circuit video installation art as a form of proto-VR.


  • I would like to thank Dr. Graham Wakefield, Dr. Caitlin Fisher & Dr. Janine Marchessault for their mentorship and support. This research project is supported by the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council. Lastly, my sincerest gratitude to my collaborator on this project, Aidan Waite.