“AI.R Taletorium: Artificial Intelligence 1001 Cyber Nights” presented by Nikolic and Bertin


Session Title:

  • AI, Art and Machines

Presentation Title:

  • AI.R Taletorium: Artificial Intelligence 1001 Cyber Nights




  • AI.R Taletorium: is an artificial intelligence-based collaborative storytelling system that offers children with inclusive needs an opportunity to experience a remote interactive AI fairy tales storytelling experience while actively involving them in creating a story’s narrative with their normal peers. We use artificial intelligence, facial characteristics, computer vision and playful interactive collaboration. We aim to provoke positive social interactions between children, help develop social, creative and communication skills in the early childhood stage, and improve their imagination and social competencies. In the art project AI.R Taletorium: Artificial Intelligence 1001 Cyber Nights, we are inspired by “One Thousand and One Nights” collection of Middle Eastern folk tales and its vast cultural influence on world exchange between East and West.

    Furthermore, in this project, we are developing the concept of Artificial Intelligence Reality (AI.R) as a novel reality paradigm designed with robot creativity and artificial intelligence processed data collected via sensors and cameras from the environment. Besides textual dataset and visual data analysis, we use the users’ facial recognition features, and emotional data as inputs for total user immersion into AI created realm.

    Our platform’s key novelty is the use of artificial intelligence, facial characteristics, and visual content generated by users to conceptualize and direct fairy tales created by a trained AI storytelling agent. The system is operating online and in real-time. Users can invite more participants to make fairy tales or start a new one upon invitation. The AI agent also creates dynamic illustrations of the generated storyline and allows the user to draw additional objects or characters that are integrated into the story afterwards. The system offers a collective entertaining and imaginative experience without location and time limitations, helping children stay together, improving their psychological health, and creatively collaborating.