“AI4FUTURE” presented by Bomba


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  • Machines, Politics and Sustainability

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  • Can Artificial Intelligence be a creative tool for better understanding the social changes we are facing? Through a two-years journey – ending in September 2022 – an international network of urban labs is exploring what artists, computer scientists and young activists can do when they work together. Co-funded by the Creative Europe programme, AI4Future is contributing to improve the knowledge on new possible meanings of Mobility after the emergence of the Covid. This is, in fact, is the first social challenge chosen by the partners: Mobility in its various meanings, that is mobility across national borders, green & sustainable transportation, mobility in a phygital world or connected to gender equality issues. Each partner is shaping with its community a corner of “local” history in order to investigate different perspectives on the issue.

    The young activists have been involved since the beginning for the design of the whole journey. Four statements, one for each hosting cultural center, have been produced with them during dedicated workshops: they represent the challenges they are advocating for with their associations.

    Four artists among the ninety candidates have been selected for answering these challenges. Chunju Yu, Nino Basilashvili, Bernat Cuní and Luca Pozzi are working in residencies in Rotterdam, Cagliari, Barcelona and Milan. They are developing AI-based works, cooperating with young activists on their local mission. At the end of the residency period the AI-based works will be presented to the local community. With this approach, art and new technologies become ways to help dialogue and consciousness, creating relations, empathy and wonder.
    The exhibit in Barcelona, hosted by Espronceda during ISEA, will be used to test the prototypes made so far. The final artworks will be presented in September in Milan, together with scientists and humanists, for an attempt to redefine the concept of mobility in the post-covid era.



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