“Anatomy of a Fatberg” presented by Palašti, Anđelković, Janićijević and Pešić

  • ©ISEA2022: 27th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Andrea Palašti, Sanja Anđelković, Stefana Janićijević, and Jovana Pešić, Anatomy of a Fatberg


Session Title:

  • Summit on New Media Art Archiving: Artist Talks

Presentation Title:

  • Anatomy of a Fatberg




  • Taking the Fatberg as a metaphor of a new artificially created intelligence, the work represents an instant game of chance, where the only winner is the Fatberg itself. By clicking the “flush” button, the Fatberg is fed by our digital database: combining wastewater quality data and a vast number of analytical data taken over from the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia. It is a collection of our own heterogeneous by-products collected for over 20 years, from data on microbes to astrophysical measurements, toxins in the Danube, but also data on employment, bank accounts, calls within the telecommunications network, data on newborns, divorces and drug addicts in our country, amount of food consumption, on the value of dinar, on housing, on migration and tourists, on city traffic etc. Everything that makes life around us and everything that leaves garbage and floats further, refining new data and making possible for the Fatberg to (re)form.