“Gendernaut. Queering the future” presented by Marchante

  • ©ISEA2022: 27th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Diego Marchante, Gendernaut. Queering the future
  • ©ISEA2022: 27th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Diego Marchante, Gendernaut. Queering the future


Session Title:

  • Summit on New Media Art Archiving: Artist Talks

Presentation Title:

  • Gendernaut. Queering the future




  • Gendernaut is an English term that we could translate as “navigator of gender”, and that invokes Jason’s argonauts. The term appears for the first time in the documentary Gendernauts: A Journey through shifting identities (1999), directed by Monika Treut, to refer to people who travel through shifting gender identities.

    This artistic research project questions, in a first phase entitled “Queering the software”, the forms of construction of the hegemonic archive through the design of a plugin that allows the collective creation of archives through an online interactive multimedia experience and, in a second phase entitled “Queering the archive”, proposes new ways of visualizing narratives based on transfeminist and queer genealogies through transmedia and performative experiences that conceive the archive as a living interactive space, free of heteropatriarchal codes, inhabited by multiple bodies and subjectivities that relate past, present and future to come. The series articulates an extensive historical investigation through a diversity of thematic threads that the feminist, queer and trans movements have been weaving during the last four decades in our political and artistic context. These genealogies link a whole series of historical, artistic, collective events, actions, campaigns, exhibitions, interviews, fanzines, performances, etc. forming a complex amalgam of relationships between art, politics, memory and activism.

    Gendernaut is a trans-temporal and trans-spatial traveler that will invite us to travel through time through a genealogy of key events in the memory of the feminist movement and the LGTBI movement in our context. During this journey, he will show us the archive through a transmedia and performative experience to understand how the representation of the future in history has been imagined from a transfeminist and queer perspective. Queering the future…



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  • ISEA2022 Marchante: Gendernaut