“Aronia m.BaBe: Berry-artist(ic) Research” presented by Vandeput


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  • Methodological Approaches and Sensitive Experiences Based on Nature Immersions, Field Trips and Rural Residencies Panel

Presentation Title:

  • Aronia m.BaBe: Berry-artist(ic) Research




  • In an artist-berry alliance an artistic research practice is developing that arguably provides a case as part of a wider attempt by practitioners to broaden the field of embodied cognition. This implies the acceptance of a view on cognition that includes plant life. Examples of the artistic practice describe how it drives -and thrives- in a time spatial matrix of ´merely happenings`, unreflective and reflective normative actions and embraced failure. A dynamic coupling, interspecies interaction system that is enactively named a ´Leaky Loop System´.

    Keywords: Embodied cognition; Plant cognition, Enactivism, Artistic research, Ontology, Philosophy of Science, Technology.

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