Art and Life: Biocybrid Systems and the Reengineering of Reality


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  • Biosynthetics and Body – Machine Relationships

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  • Art and Life: Biocybrid Systems and the Reengineering of Reality




  • This paper describes biocybrid systems in ontological levels of creative reality and the  reengineering of  life.  Collaborative transdisciplinar research in  Art and TechnoScience at LART focuses on the biocybrid life,  meaning the symbiotic zone where the biological, cyber and physical worlds interact. One of the main aspects is the development of enactive interfaces, which allow intertwined affordances between human bodies, environments and networks. The  Ouroboros’ mythical   principle and  Gibson’s ecological perception are confirmed  and ecosystems propitiate the  co-existence and co-location in biocybrid worlds,  abandoning the original idea of separation between synthetic worlds and concrete worlds. What is landscape now? What is body now? What is urban life now? In particular, our  embedded systems  combine developments in biomedical engineering, software engineering, in order to  communicate information coming from biological signals and  other sources. Transparent interfaces provide the ubiquos and mobile communication in biocybrid narratives for urban mixed life. Peripheral perception using locative and mobile interfaces  and the virtual reality  in augmented reality modeled  scenes , by tagging and geotagging  synthetic objects, everywhere, create a   biocybrid  geography  that changes  radically our landscapes.  Datavisualization and computer vision in  AR mobile   allow the  post biological extrusion of human vision, by the act of seeing shared with the satellite eye in the sky and the handled eye of the mobile phone camera. What is vision now? Neuropsychophysiological  act of seing is a modified perception  which characterizes that biocybrid human condition. The recent implementation of microcircuits with biosensors for wearable art systems (BWAS) measure frequencies of  body heat, heartbeats, electrical biopotentials, breathing and skin resistance  combined with biofeedback, resulting in perceptive, cognitive and affective expansions, as well as a supplementation of the human body. Finally, we present  three artworks case studies in urban mixed life and domotic spaces, as well as a biocybrid environmental  system of a Bioma in the remote Brazilian Pantanal-Mato Grosso.  Datavisualization of sonic landscape, the frogs’audio signals; voice recognition techniques and  frogs’  signatures  classification of species,and  the interaction between humans and the remote ecological sanctuary trough teleproxemy, emphasizes  the sense of human  presence and nature preservation .

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