ART IN PROCESS: Cross-Border and Beyond


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  • Collaborations across Borders: Physical and Disciplinary

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  • ART IN PROCESS: Cross-Border and Beyond




  • This artist presentation involves a case study about ART IN PROCESS (Austria/ Australia), a partnership based in Fremantle, Australia. Our work is a critical engagement with a number of issues specific to cross-cultures, consumer culture and behaviour. We work together on the intersection of installation, video, new media, performance and live art.

    The presentation will address the growing inter-human and artistic communication through interdisciplinarity and our work throughout the past decade.

    We currently work on a monograph (spanning the past ten years of work), which will be part of the presentation.

    The presentation will further give some deeper insight into current projects by ART IN PROCESS based on discussing, how the use of New Technologies led to the creation of new work and could enhance our artistic profile in reaching out for another and wider audience. (These projects are addressed in the Proposal for Artwork Presentation).

    Another objective of the presentation is how New Technologies and Interdisciplinarity can increase the transportation of artistic message today and lead to transformed, extended and even enhanced work-conglomerations between artists from various disciplines and a wide international audience. This opens up for completely new forms of expression, extended varieties of working on participatory projects, linking artists from around the world. Over the years we have started to grow cyber-work relations with individual artists and institutions around the world that result today in various projects and still grow and develop further.

    New Technologies enable us to look across borders, to increase the awareness of the various traditions, languages, cultures and individual people that live in this world. It has become one of the main tools of our artistic work to communicate cross-cultural issues.

    All our digital work is distributed by CAM (www.?artfilms.?com.?au), one of the leading suppliers of films and books for Arts Education worldwide.

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